Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Smooth Stone

David knelt and chose 5 stones from the river bed.  They were smooth from the constant washing.  The fact that he only took five tell me he had confidence.  I might have filled my pockets - set up camp in the riverbed,even - wanting access to hundreds of stones!  But David chose five.  He knew the power in a well-aimed missile.  He was confident God would bring Goliath down.

Last year I felt challenged by God to use five smooth stones of my own.  I had a goliath situation hurling abuse at me across the river of my faith.  When that happens, you tend to take your eyes off the river and pay attention to the giant.  But David instead looked to the River.   He reached in and took hold of what he knew.  He chose the smooth stones, the ones that had been in the water forever.  And so - even then, it took a few months of procrastination - I armed myself.   I wrapped my fingers around the promises of God.

Those promises God has for us were given for a reason.  Because we'd need them!  But if you own a car and never put fuel in it, then it's not going to go far.   I'd been sitting in a fuel-less car, fuming that the situation was going nowhere.  Duh!  

David chose five, but one smooth stone did the job.

When giants yell and spit, I want to immediately reach into the river that runs through my heart.

What Goliaths are you facing, that need a stone embedded in their forehead?

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