Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The insanity of the culture chasm between my Australian thinking and Fiji's reality reminds me of balancing midway on a loosely strung, rope ladder. And someone on the Fijian end is kicking the pegs.  Flexibility is a valuable asset here.

Speaking of ladders, the other day we had workmen here.   One man was on the roof, and another was balanced at a precarious angle off the second-top step of his ladder.  It was shifting wildly, and then I saw why.  The top of the ladder, the actual bit that holds the front to the back, had all the rivets broken, and had been loosely tied together with nylon twine.

My suggestion that the cost of repairing the ladder would be less than the cost of repairing a broken leg, was met with a nod and a wide toothy grin. I couldn't help but wonder how long he'd have his teeth for.

"I prefer a flexible heart to an inflexible ritual." Jesus. (Mt 12:7 The Message)

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