Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joseph's Aunties

Joseph is two months old, and the youngest inmate of Suva Women's Prison. His mum (shown above with Joseph) lives in the area set aside as a nursery, which is outfitted by charities with a decent cot complete with mosquito netting, and a small amount of nursery equipment. He never lacks for attention from all his "aunties". Joseph is permitted to stay with his mum until he is 6 years old.

The prison garden yields an abundance of fresh vegetables daily, which are then brought in and prepared into chop suey, soup or similar.
Wednesday saw Jill, Jeanette and I back inside, cooking madly. And that's fairly accurate. It was one of those days when it seemed absolutely everything went wrong. Major ingredients were missing, muffins stuck to trays, slabs of brownies were put on trays that didn't fit the the oven, biscuits burned...yada yada yada. Even the majority of photos taken were blurred!

But God is so good, what saleable product we did create was adequate.
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