Monday, August 23, 2010

I learned Hindi in Prison

Today my friend Jill and I had the privilege of helping in the Suva Women's Prison.   Peter and Jill Schultz head up"Operation Foundation",  a ministry aimed at rehabilitating prisoners back into the community.

Our goal was to supervise the making of delicious biscuits, slices, and other treats to be sold at the Hibiscus Festival, this coming week. (see post below for more photos)

One of the creations involved popping corn, and we had a crowd of inmates and guards peering into the glass topped pot with fascination as the popcorn did it's thing.  Then we covered it with a slather of hot toffee, and made popcorn balls, which we thought could be a good substitute for toffee apples. We hope they sell well! The girls had a ton of fun, hurriedly making them before the toffee set.

Custard biscuits, chocolate and ginger brownie slice, scones, chocolate peanut biscuits, and sultana biscuits gradually joined the collection of completed popcorn balls.   A delicious custard flavoured cookie of Jill's was called "Grandma's Biscuits", so we jokingly named them Boom-Boom Biscuits. Boom-Boom is fijian for grandmother. Actually, it might be Hindi. I can't remember.

I learned another Hindi word today. I don't know how it's spelled, buuuuuut, it sounds like So Much Ghia, with the emphasis on Much. : ))) and it means "I understand". Which is a handy Hindi word to have up my sleeve! (NOT!)

It was SUCH a blessing to be there for the day.

I took a chicken, lettuce and carrot sandwich, with ranch dressing, but asked permission at lunchtime to give it to our two girls to share.  The reverence given to the sandwich was phenomenal. It was cut, painstakingly, gently, tenderly, into perfect quarters.  You would think it was about to be eaten by the Queen. It looked PERFECT.

After a prayer, the girls slowly and delicately took a first bite. I nudged Jill. The look of rapture on Ilebere's face was incredible. She looked like she'd died and gone to heaven. As the sandwich moved around her mouth, her head looked heavenward and she closed her eyes in bliss. She had no idea we were watching. When she opened her eyes, we teased her gently about her reaction.  She explained that they rarely have salad, and never anything like the sandwich with dressing.

When a neighbouring workmate asked for it, there was just a heartbeat of hesitation, then she good-naturedly gave the lady the remaining quarter, of the two she'd been given.

I suddenly ~ and sincerely ~ lost all appetite for my box of salad.  I think it was the huge slice of humble pie I had.

So the two girls shared it, with Lucilla pouncing on pieces of celery like it was chocolate.

The two apples I produced were meticulously quartered and shared amongst themselves.  I like to think they had a wonderful day!

I am so excited to know that I get to go there again this Wednesday!  God is so good to me. He truly does give us the desires of our heart.

Please pray for our girls in the prison. 
They really do need our prayers.

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