Thursday, August 26, 2010


This morning as I drove through the traffic, dodging buses, and pipping red lights so heavily that they were nearly green, I laughed to myself at the ridiculosity of everything.  I thought I was actually creating a new word.  I didn't realise someone else had already been to that place, and named it.

I was blessed to spend the morning at the Worship Centre in Pender St, Suva. Pastor Maika Rainima was holding an international conference there, and Faylene Sparks from Gloryfire Ministries, Anne E Banks and two aussie guys named Rod and Mark that I didn't learn the last names of, were speaking.

I found myself soaking up the Aussie accents and terminology, and smiling quietly to myself when Aussie jokes went sailing over the sea of Fijian heads.  It was comforting.  A delicious taste of the familiar.  Chicken Soup for the soul, as they say.


  1. I really like those guys too .... especially one of them!!